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FAQ of Bus TimeTable and Schedule

  1. What is this website for? -> This website provides information about Interstate and Intercity Bus Schedule and Timetable for free use of every bus rider.

  2. Who is the agency involved in maintaining this website? -> This site is maintained by private individual.

  3. Can we say the information given is 100% correct? -> We cannot say anything about it as information given here is purely provided by us based on our information. For accuracy you should verifiy it yourself

  4. How to provide the suggestion for improvement of this website? -> You can contribute to this website for any updation, modification by submitting it at [contact]@[busfinder].[in]

  5. My suggestions have not been implemented after giving it for many days? -> We may or may not take your suggestions for implementation as we may also verify it from other sources for accuracy of information.